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    We offer the following services:

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    Architecture Building Design (Including interior space planning, Exterior/Landscape design).

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    As-built Plan/ Restoration/ Renovation Plan design.

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    Home Improvement/Interior Re-design, Furniture Design/Construction.

    It gets more interesting with...

    Writing for you.

    Architecture Writing (Blogging).

    Let's manage your Shortlet.

    Shortlet apartments (These are short-term stay, fully furnished apartments for guests).

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    Project Management and Real estate Development.

    Why Choose us

    Simplicity and excellence are the heart of our creativity, as well as cost-effective approach in material selection for our clients. This is our drive here.

    Our desire is to create spaces that require minimum or no additional services to enable adequate indoor air quality for human comfort in our designs.

    What Clients say

    What we do…

    We create healthier and happier lives through architectural and interior design solutions.

    Go to the page to see how you can request an architectural design service.
    Our Service area includes but are not limited to: 
    The 36 states and Capital in Nigeria.

    (We are open to opportunities in Africa, as well as collaborations outside Africa).

    Current and Previous Project locations:


    • Anambra State: – Nnewi, Oko.
    • Enugu State: – Nike.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends on your design needs. Should you be interested in a price list review of simple residential designs, click on the email address to write to us at to get our price list forwarded to you.

    We offer the 3 stage services.

    1. Preliminary design stage 1 (Sketch design).
    2. Design Stage 2 (Working drawing production).
    3. Supervision stage.

    You are free to employ us from any stage of the services.

    Yes. We handle building plan approval services.

    Go to page to see how you can request for an architectural design service.


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    Want some free consulting? Let’s hop on a call/chat and talk about what we can do to help. You can also request a design by filling out the form and we will respond immediately. To call, simply click on the call button on the right side of your screen.


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