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    Exclusive Valentine Cufflinks made for stylish Men _Cufftona_©Creamy Patina

    In this love season, here is our Exclusive Valentine Cufflinks made for stylish Men.. When wearing a suit or any fashion piece with long sleeves,…

    Portfolio series: 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex.

    On my Portfolio series: 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex done under paid employment. Category: New project. Client: Private. Date: February 2020. Location: Enugu State. Construction: In progress.…

    Consider smaller units for your housing needs

    Some Clients love big houses, others love it concise and portable. Here is why you should consider smaller units for your housing needs. This client…

    PORFOLIO SERIES Library design.

    Today is Portfolio series: Library Design. A job I did while under paid employment. Portfolio series: Library Design. Category: New project. Client: Private. Date: February…

    How I got my first job in 2013.

    I got my first job through a referral during another person’s interview. My boss was interviewing some candidates for his friend’s architectural firm and asked…

    MyDesignViews YouTube channel.

    Today, we are starting a new column (MyDesignViews YouTube channel) on the blog. A video column. It’s basically about site visits and market surveys. For…

    Declutter your wardrobe.

    Dearest reader, why you should declutter your wardrobe today. You see those set of clothes you haven’t worn for the last 1 year, they are…

    HOUSE HUNTING in Nigeria

    A story of house hunting in Nigeria. Onyinye was moving out of her parents’ home, and she needed to find a new apartment. She had…

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