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    Exclusive Valentine Cufflinks made for stylish Men _Cufftona_©Creamy Patina

    In this love season, here is our Exclusive Valentine Cufflinks made for stylish Men.. When wearing a suit or any fashion piece with long sleeves,…

    Designer's block cover

    I thought Architects were the only ones affected by the designer’s block that comes with a client’s paper sketch until August 2022, when a friend…

    Design thinking design process.

    This post intends to teach clients and explain (in brief) the design thinking and design process an Architect goes through to come up with a…

    Cultural Interiors spaces

    Buildings reflect people’s culture. I’m talking of the cultural interior spaces. Take for instance the Tea Room in a typical English man’s house. Who does…

    Working from home

    I remember when I first started thinking of working from home. I mean, I have been doing that but not on a serious level. I…

    Tales by archi-light.

    Tales by archilight: sitting at my workstation, willing my mind to work, here comes my brother. “I can’t wait to employ two Architects so that…

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