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    Cultural Interiors spaces

    Buildings reflect people’s culture. I’m talking of the cultural interior spaces. Take for instance the Tea Room in a typical English man’s house. Who does that in Nigeria? Afternoon Teatime?…

    4-bedroom bungalow

    In response to a free design task offer I made, here is one of the designs. A 4-bedroom bungalow. Category: New project. Client: Private. Date: September 2022. Location: Enugu State.…

    Tales by archilight.

    Tales by archilight: sitting at my workstation, willing my mind to work, here comes my brother. “I can’t wait to employ two Architects so that I can focus on Marketing…

    Portfolio series: 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex.

    On my Portfolio series: 5-Bedroom Detached Duplex done under paid employment. Category: New project. Client: Private. Date: February 2020. Location: Enugu State. Construction: In progress. Attached firm: Private. The…

    PORFOLIO SERIES Library design.

    Today is Portfolio series: Library Design. A job I did while under paid employment. Portfolio series: Library Design. Category: New project. Client: Private. Date: February 2019. Location: Anambra State. Estimated…

    How I got my first job in 2013.

    I got my first job through a referral during another person’s interview. My boss was interviewing some candidates for his friend’s architectural firm and asked if they know of somebody…

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